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The South African National Clinical Trials Register provides the public with updated information on clinical trials on human participants being conducted in South Africa. The Register provides you with information on a trials purpose; who can participate, where the trial is located, and contact details.

The South African National Clinical Trials Register forms part of international calls for making trial information publicly available. The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, which includes peer reviewed journals from around the world, recently made a statement that from 1 July 2005 no trials will be considered for publication unless they are included on a research register. The World Health Organisation has begun the push for clinical trial registration with the initiation of a Clinical Trials Register platform. Similarly, the global pharmaceutical industry has recently released plans to make trial data more publicly available.

The benefits of a central publicly accessible clinical trial register are numerous. They include:

  • Serves to promote collaboration among researchers, the private sector and the community through the sharing of research information;
  • Assists people to identify clinical trials they can participate in;
  • Decreases publication bias; reduce duplication of research efforts;
  • Promotes best use of limited research resources; and
  • Contributes to global efforts to reduce / eliminate disease.

The SA National Clinical Trials Register is an important tool for monitoring and managing new clinical trials. The questions being investigated, findings of studies as well as mapping of locations, funders, funding, research institutions and progress towards developing new capacity in the area are some of the issues that the register can assist the research community in addressing.

In November 2005 the Department of Health issued a notice that as from the 1st December 2005 all new clinical trials to be conducted in the country must be registered in the South African National Clinical Trials Register. The notice also explained that trials that started recruiting as of 1st July 2005 must also be registered.

You may want more information on clinical trials before seeing what trials are being done in South Africa. If so, refer to one of the relevant links below. If you are an investigator or clinical trial sponsor wishing to register a trial, for more information you should refer to sections under the heading, investigator information. See links below. Also refer to the NHREC Electronic Application Site ( for details on applying for an account and capturing trial information.


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